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      Babywearing Love

      Meet Olympia 2.0 & 2.0 Plus

      A young mom babywearing her infant son in an Olives and Applesauce Olympia 2.0 Baby Carrier

      When I developed the Olympia baby carrier, it was a response to years of working with families as a babywearing educator and working through the same struggles repeatedly. None of the large brands seemed to be listening to what parents really wanted and needed. The solution was the Olympia, a simple to adjust carrier that did half the work for you. But we haven’t stopped listening to our customers’ feedback. 

      The new Olympia, the 2.0 and 2.0 Plus, will still grow with your baby, still adjust the seat automatically, but now the fabric is even thinner, luxuriously soft, and more breathable right out of the box. The panel is a couple inches taller to better fit those big kids, while still being small enough for little newborns. We have added the option to forward face out (FFO), while still keeping the option for a hip or back carry since it tends to be easier on your back. But the most exciting update is our Olympia 2.0 Plus!! The plus has shoulder straps that have 8 inches more padding to fit plus-size babywearers more comfortably. It also automatically comes with a waistband extender (to fit up to a women’s size 44/46) to keep adjustments easy to reach. This officially makes the Olympia 2.0 Plus the most size inclusive carrier available!

      A plus-size mother wearing her 3 month old on her front in an Olives and Applesauce Olympia 2.0 Plus Baby Carrier. She is sitting on a porch swing.

      We think the Olympia 2.0 truly checks all the boxes you could want in a carrier:

      *easy to put on yourself

      *small enough to fit in a diaper bag


      *lasts for years without buying a larger size

      *ergonomic and supportive


      How do the 2.0 and the 2.0 Plus compare? 

      There are two differences between the 2.0 and the Plus. The shoulder straps have an additional 8 inches of padding on the plus. In the image below the 2.0 is on the top and the Plus is on the bottom. The Plus automatically comes with a waistband extender (the waistband extender helps with mobility- it places the webbing for tightening easier to reach and adjust). The 2.0 waistband fits from 25” to 59” (approximately a women’s size 00- 26/28). The 2.0 Plus waistband fits from 25” to 75” (approximately a women’s size 00- 44/46).

      Comparison of the shoulder strap length on the Olives and Applesauce Olympia 2.0 and 2.0 Plus Baby Carrier
      Here is what that looks like on a real person. Below is the 2.0 on the left and 2.0 Plus on the right, both with crossed straps. The 2.0 Plus was specifically designed with people wearing a size 2XL shirt in mind. This beautiful new mom wears a size L shirt. While the 2.0 Plus does fit her in a front carry, the carrier’s shoulder straps are tightened fully when using backpack style straps (which can be seen in the first image). The Plus straps will not fit a size L when used in a back carry and better fit someone wearing a 2X or larger.  
      Side by side comparison of a mother wearing her 3 month old in an Olives and Applesauce Olympia 2.0 Baby Carrier with crossed straps. The image on the left has shoulder padding with the ends visible, the image on the right is the 2.0 Plus with longer padding that wraps around to her front so the ends aren’t visible.

      What does “Hip Healthy” mean?

      Close up of the Olives and Applesauce Olympia Baby Carrier highlighting the perfect ergonomic “m” seat on a newborn

      “Baby carriers cause hip dysplasia!” Most of us have heard this recently. What was an unfounded attack on narrow based carriers, has become an attack on all babywearing and a lot of scared parents who are just doing their best. It is time to end the hysteria and take a look at what is really going on. We have *zero* research that shows that baby wearing causes hip dysplasia.  Stick with me here, I’m about to throw some numbers at you... (All research for this post comes from the Hip Dysplasia Institute and PubMed, and will be linked at the bottom. Read it. Think about it. Talk to your pediatrician. And make the conclusion that is best for your baby.)

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      Babies NEED to be touched. Science says so.

      Babies NEED to be touched. Science says so.
      The way we raise children changes from one generation to the next, and everyone seems to have some pretty strong feelings that "their" way is the "right" way. But what does science tell us about what babies NEED?

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      But what does a baby ACTUALLY need?

      But what does a baby ACTUALLY need?
      Somehow you are supposed to know what brand of diapers will fit best and how many to get in each size. Or how many outfits to get in each size (and why does one brand's "3 Month" sleeper seem like the same size as another brand's "Newborn" sleeper?!). And that's not even the big purchases that one friend swore saved her sanity but another friend said was the biggest waste of money ever. Seriously, does your baby really need a $900 crib that doesn't even include a mattress? Don't other countries send new parents a box for their baby to sleep in? (Yes, they do. It's totally a thing!)

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      Wearing Safely

      Wearing Safely
      When I first started babywearing I had no clue what I was doing. To be honest, I was the definition of a hotmess! Here are three things to look for to make sure you don't make the same safety mistakes I made.

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