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Bijou Wildthing Crush is a floral print. The flowers are large and similar to Hollies, some solid and some with tiger strips on the petals. The flowers appear orange from far away but are actually orange and red threads woven together, giving it wonderful depth of color. They are on a black background and paired with black shoulder straps.
Bijou Wildthing Crush Half Conversion Hydrogen Pre-order

Bijou Wildthing Crush Half Conversion Hydrogen Pre-order

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Your custom half wrap conversion Hydrogen carrier will be the same compliant carrier as our stock Hydrogen, just made specially for you with Bijou Wildthing Crush wrap over our black cotton-twill skeleton. Crush is an incredibly soft and snuggly tencel cotton blend. When paired with our twill you get the perfect combination of softness for a newborn and support for a toddler! The wrap will be used as the hood, outer layer on the body panel, and the outer layer on the waistband. The interior of the body panel, infant harness, interior of the waist band, and the entire shoulder straps will be made of our soft, breathable twill. Turnaround time on your carrier will be four-six weeks once we have finalized your order. Be sure to check for an email from us so you can pick which side of the fabric you want showing. 

Our ergonomic baby carrier is truly a One Size option, allowing you to get all the way through baby wearing without sizing up. It fits children from 8-50lbs. Each carrier comes with a built in infant harness to safely support newborns through preschoolers. This harness can be pushed to the back of the carrier as baby gets older and no longer needs it.


  • 6 Ergonomic Carrying Positions: Newborn Front Carry, Front Carry, Newborn Hip Carry, Hip Carry, Harnessed Back Carry, Back Carry
  • 2 Strap Options: Backpack or Crossed
  • Built in Infant Insert
  • Dual Adjusting straps
  • New Chest Clip Design
  • Perfect Fit Adjusters
  • Deep seat to help keep even your toddler properly positioned.
  • Proudly made in the USA

Carrier Dimensions:

  • 19" tall from waist band to top of shoulder strap
  • 14.5" from top of waist band to top of shoulder straps
  • 15" wide
  • 19" Padded straps
  • Waist: 25"-59"
  • Shoulder straps: 15"-47"

Once we begin sewing your carrier we will be unable to complete any refunds. Should you request a refund prior to sewing, but after our seamstress has begun cutting, you will be refunded less a $50 labor-fee. Olives & Applesauce is not responsible for any carrier that is lost or damaged in transit.