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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Almost there!

      I ordered this carrier to use with my third baby (currently 16lbs). This is not my first carrier, I was a member of babywearing international group and have used many carriers and wraps. The problem I've always had was that my back always hurt because I'm 5ft0, 100lb and the straps never shortened enough for a ssc (especially in a back carry). This carrier definitely gets small enough and fits great! It's soft and easy to break in and is super lightweight. I have a "Velcro baby" and she's in a carrier 80% of the day and night.
      My main complaint is the shoulder straps. The padding is very thin and compressable and provides almost 0 padding when you're actually wearing this for real life activities. So it just feels like you're wearing those black straps and they start to dig and get very uncomfortable. If they were filled with a heavier foam type and a tad wider, this carrier would be almost perfect. I, myself prefer a more structured waist belt but that isn't a huge deal breaker. The straps however are highly disappointing, especially for the prices point.

      Chaunte E.

      I’ve used many different wraps and carriers and didn’t like any for one reason or another but now I’ve finally found the one! My Olives & Applesauce carrier is hands down the best I’ve ever owned! It is so comfortable for both me and baby and completely adjustable for my body. It has made doing things with my baby and toddler sooo much easier now that I have a comfortable and sturdy way to wear baby. She sits perfect in it and she is very safe and secure in there. I couldn’t have more positive things to say!

      In LOVE

      I cannot say enough great things about this carrier. We are expecting our first baby in December and are so excited to carry her in our Olives and Applesauce carrier!