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      Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Here are some ways that we are working to keep you safe (and always have been):

      *Your product is handled by only one person. We are a small business who does not have a warehouse full of employees. Your carrier and any accessories are packaged by only one person, the owner herself. This helps to eliminate multiple people coming into contact with an item and possibly spreading any illness. If she is ever sick, we have someone ready to fill in who knows the process and the same strict guidelines. 
      *We have, and have always had, a very strict hand washing policy. No one is allowed to enter the “O&A Place” (as our 6 year old has named the office) without first washing their hands. No children are ever allowed inside either. We understand that many parents of immunocompromised children put their trust in us to help keep their children safe. We do not take this lightly! 
      *We do not allow anyone into the O&A Place or any close contact with our products who displays signs of illness, has been recently ill, or who feels “off”. 
      *We are prepared to temporarily shut down all shipping of carriers and accessories if anyone in our family requires quarantine for coming into contact with a confirmed case, has suspected Covid-19 (or related symptoms), or a confirmed positive case.
      *We are closely monitoring local developments as well as practicing social distancing per CDC guidelines to keep our customers safe. 

      You and your families are far more important to us than our bottomline. We will always work hard to create safe, quality products.  ❤️