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      Here are some instructional videos to help you learn to use your Olives & Applesauce carrier or you may download a copy of our written manual.

      You can find our YouTube channel HERE.

      Carry: Hydrogen: Olympia:
      Front Carry  *Crossed straps *Crossed straps  
      *Pre-buckled Crossed Strap “Hack”
      *Backpack style straps *Backpack style straps
      *How to position baby’s legs *How to position baby’s legs

      *How to fix the most common wearing mistakes

      *How to fix seat that is too deep (panel not coming high enough on the child’s back)
      *How high should baby be?
      Back Carry  *3 ways to back carry using the infant harness *Using a Superman Toss 
      *3 ways to back carry without the infant harness  *Using an Assisted Hip Scoot
      Hip Carry *Using the infant harness *In the Olympia AND Hydrogen without the harness
      Feeding In Your Carrier *Breastfeeding/Chest-feeding and Bottle Feeding  Works the same way as the Hydrogen video. You may need to loosen and lower the waistband buckle to bring baby to the necessary height.


      Positioning Graphics:

      -Olympia Baby Carrier Facing In

      -Olympia Baby Carrier Facing Out

      -Hydrogen Baby Carrier