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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews

      Great service and VERY quick shipping!

      Favorite carrier, EVER!

      I’ve tried a ton of carriers and just haven’t been a fan of baby wearing, they are so uncomfortable or difficult to put on. I was a little skeptical ordering this, but what could I lose. I love this carrier. I recently had a repeat c section and it didn’t hurt to carry the baby, it’s easy to put on not confusing at all and I can put it on myself. I was also able to nurse and put the little sun blocker up and no one knew what I was doing! It was nice having a little privacy in the grocery store.

      I’m a plus size mom (size 16, and DDD chest) and there is plenty of room with the straps to go bigger if needed! Perfect for everyone

      Amazing carrier

      After trying a couple other carriers I ran across this carrier and I’m so glad I did. Being a well endowed woman it’s hard to find a carrier that fits me but I love the versatility and ability to adjust the size! Would definitely recommend this carrier to anyone and everyone! I also love how easy it is to put on by myself